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Can be fast Heating and Auto off shut off - The best coffee cup warmer for Nicelucky brand

July 15, 2019


If you drink coffee often, but do not want to have to brew a fresh cup every time you have a cup, a coffee cup warmer might be a great item to invest in. A mug warmer is not only going to keep your coffee at the desired temperature for extended periods of time, it is also going to preserve the freshness and taste you desire, when you brew a pot of coffee in the morning.

A coffee cup warmer can be used anywhere and by anyone. It can be used at home, if you work from home, and need warm coffee around the clock. If you buy a cup of coffee in the morning on the way to work, but don’t drink it all, the warmer can also be used in an office setting. Simply place the cup on the warmer, and it will maintain the desired temperature until you are ready to finish your cup of coffee.

With this in mind, we've researched numerous cup warmers and heater in order to create you a list of the highest rated products as well as the best budget and cheapest electric cup warmers.

About coffee cup warmers

As you might imagine, a coffee cup warmer is intended to help keep your cup of coffee warm, if you do not finish it in one sitting. Or, if you have a pot which is already brewed, but the coffee is no longer warm, simply place it in the mug, and in a few minutes it will reach the desired temperature for you to enjoy your favorite coffee blends.

There are different warmers, so you should compare a few prior to choosing one. Some have different temperature ranges which you can set. This is to avoid overheating, and possibly burning yourself with extra-hot coffee. Some have limits on the size of the cup it can warm. If larger than the limit, your coffee might only get warm, and not as hot as you would like.

Because there are many coffee cup warmers you can buy, it is best to compare several. In doing this, you can easily find those which have easy-button and controls, various settings, and those which allow you to do what you want, with your cup of coffee. So, let’s consider a few of these features, when the time come to choose a new coffee cup warmer for home, or for use in an office setting.

  1. Temperature control – Some people want a cup of coffee that is 120 degrees F, most don’t. When choosing the warmer, make sure you know what the temperature ranges are, and how you can adjust the settings when using it. Not only to avoid overheating, but also to ensure it can reach the temperature you desire, when warming your coffee.
  2. Warmer/burner area – Whether you want to warm a carafe or a single cup of coffee, there are different machines available to you. Therefore, you have to find those which can warm as much or as little coffee as you want at a time. Consider the size of the heat plate, as well as the type of material you can place on the heat plate, when warming coffee.
  3. Heating element – Thermal, electric, gas, are a few of the types of warmers or heating elements available when choosing a coffee warmer. Consider how each works, how it will heat your coffee, to what temperature, and how quickly, in order to find the best fit for your personal use needs.
  4. Other warmer – Does it have a dual-warmer, or ability to warm other items/beverage/soup? Many warmers will have this capability, so compare several, in order to find one which is capable of doing what you want it to do, each time you want to use the burner.
  5. Speed – Is there a quick-mode or heat setting? some warmers are going to have different settings. Some will simmer, others will heat in a matter of minutes. Consider how hot you want the coffee, and when you plan on drinking it, so you can find the best warmer to choose, when the time comes for you to decide on the model which you are going to invest in.

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