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Coffee Mug Warmer, PALTIER Coffee Mug Warmer Electric Desktop Heated and Cooling Coffee Tea Mug Warmer Coffee Mug Cooler and Warmer

  • πŸ’¦INSTANT COOLING HEATING -- Enjoy a cold/heat drink anytime. Refrigeration Cup can turn your drinks from room temperature to ice-cold 6x faster than putting it in your fridge. Creative Desktop Cup Cooler.Rapid cooling and warmer ,it can be cool and keep the liquid temperature around 18℃-15℃ (46.4℉-59℉)and Heat and keep the liquid temperature around 52℃-58℃ (125.6℉-136.4℉)
  • πŸ’¦CUSTOMIZED SIZE -- 300ML cup capacity, Electric Cup Cooler is suitable for most beverage bottles or cans,Beer, Coffee, beverage etc. Which can be cooled ice cream, beer, yogurt, juice and so on.
  • πŸ’¦WELL DESIGNED -- Food Grade Aluminum Cup,light weight and can make the beer beverage juice exchanged for heat and cold quickly; Anti-slip mat on the bottom.The anti-slip performance is good and it is not easy to slip off.Non-slip silicone handle and silicone sealed lid, accidentally knocked over the cup, water will not flow out
  • πŸ’¦EASY TO USE -- One-touch start-up touch switch,Quick Cooler Cooling Cup is easy to operate. You can pour beverage or water directly into the cup,and then turn on the power switch,portable and practical.
  • πŸ’¦WIDELY APPLICATION -- Enjoy your cold beverage in summer, heated in winter whether traveling, working or outdoors.Fast Cooling Cup is suitable for party, office, home, restaurant, bars, friends home, beach, seaside, tourism and other places.
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Usage method
Turn on the power, place the cup with water to the center cooling block of the base, and switch the function by touching the function button.
1. Orange light for Insulation mode,Keep the water temperature in the cup about 131℉
2. Cyan light for Cool mode,Reduce the temperature of the water in the cup about 68℉
3. Blue light for Strong cold mode,Reduce the temperature of the water in the cup to about 50℉
4. No light for Shutdown mode
Tip: Drinking water reminder function selects one of the function modes. After 2 hours of running, the indicator color will be colored and faded. After 1 minute, it will return to the working status indication.
Auto power off function---Select the heat insulation function mode to run automatically after 10 hours of operation. After selecting the cool function mode for 5 hours, it will shut down automatically . After the forced cooling function mode is selected for 3 hours, it will shut down automatically .

1.Rainbow light drinking reminder function: The drinking reminder function will be activated after the mode you chose is turned on for 2 hours. The LED indicator will turn to rainbow light to remind you to drink whatever you have in your mug. The rainbow light will last for 1 minute until the cooler & heater plate goes back to work on the mode you chose.
2.Auto-power off function:
2.1 The cooler & heater plate will go off automatically on heat preservation mode after 10 hours.
2.2 The cooler & heater plate will go off automatically on cooling mode after 5 hours.
2.3 The cooler & heater plate will go off automatically on cold mode after 3 hours.

Product Name: Refrigeration Cup
Model: S1
Rated power: 36W
Rated capacity: 350ml
Rated power supply: 12V-3A

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous Customer
Best product ever ????

I wanted this for my hostel room as I am not allowed to have a fridge this is a good solution to cooling liquids, would buy it again and gift it to friends.Takes about 15-20 mins to cool a 35 degree Celsius to 20 degrees .Heating is much faster .

Bonnie Howard
Can keep a can drink cold

A great gadget. Was a Father??s Day Gift and he uses it.

Ron Shaw
I wasn??t expecting this....

Yeah, it??s good. Really good. I never thought I??d find the one little gadget that I??d use and enjoy to the point where I??d have to actually promote it. But I do this one. Thoughtful design, keeps my coffee at just the perfect temperature... no matter how long I leave it. The cooling part works fairly well too...if you only have a quarter of a can of drink left. That parts stay cold. A bit of a noisy fan, but I ignore it watching tv. For me, I say, ??GREAT JOB! AND BUY ONE!??

Abdulla Al Sada

Great device and powerful cooling and charging

Albert Li
Nice product!

It can make my drink in cold or hot, and it also charges my phone too!