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Tea Infuser Loose Leaf tea infuses Tumbler Tea Strainer ball stainless steel with a hooks( 1pack Mug not included)

  • 18/8 stainless steel material loose leaf tea infuser, with precision CNC lathe screw parts, used for CNC screw clamp, strong and durable, anti-falling
  • Add 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves of your choice, leaving the space for the leaves to expand, screw the lid, and the chain with hooks can be hung in hot drinks, tea leaf infuser ideally situated for spices, herbs, green tea, flower tea, red tea,etc.
  • Use our tea infuser tumbler high-quality fine mesh stainless steel tea soaking device and convenient drip tray. leaf tea infuser is placed in the water. When the desired tea concentration is reached, put tea infuser ball on the drip tray to avoid spillage and taste freshly cooked. Making a cup of tea and brewing your favorite loose leaf tea has never been so convenient and enjoyable!
  • Green tea ball infuser dishwasher is safe, no microwave.This unique stainless steel tea infuser is used to rotate and swing in cups, teapots, cups and teapots while brewing delicious tea. Fill the filter tea with coarse loose leaf tea and place the infuser in the water. When the desired strength is reached, simply remove the infuser and place it in the tray to drip. A great gift for any tea lovers!
  • Size: 1.75" diameter x 2" height. Tea infusers can also be recycled.
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Customer Reviews

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Kishor Dutt
I found the perfect thing finally.

I have used other ones before, those that just clicked closed. They would open during the boiling and brewing time and ruin the process, This item has screw caps and makes it so much better to brew our tea. I use it for many kinds of herbal teas, some of them being roots of plants.

Golgothic Reality Photography
Screw top lid is a winner!

I love, love, LOVE this product. It came in a small cardboard box and looked very generic, but it is AMAZING for tea. It allows for excellent expansion and steeping of loose leaf tea and the mesh is fine enough for herbal infusions or fruit tisanes. I've used the spoon infusers, the ball infusers, and silicon infusers. This style is by far the most affordable and my favorite far. My favorite thing is the screw top lid. Very secure and no grit slips out. I'm not trying to inflate this product, but as an avid tea drinker I am very well pleased by this style (doesn't have to be this brand) of infuser.

Finally a teaball for rooibos!!

I have searched for several years for a tea ball fine enough to strain out rooibos tea leaves. I have tried every kitschy ball design to no avail. I have only ever found two devices that is fine enough to strain out the super fine leaves (a French press and a similar style tea infuser) both of which have several parts and require much cleaning. Finally a simple, compact tea ball! The image shown is a blend of raspberry rooibos and lemon honeybush, two super fine teas. No leaves!

works well

This infuser is narrow enough to fit inside even very small mugs, and the mesh is fine enough to catch even small bits of tea leaves. The screw-on top seems like a straightforward design that should hold up to some abuse, unlike the flimsy hinges on ball-style infusers.

Great buy

This works very well. This is nicely made and sturdy enough that the top fits on easily. It's also nice that it has the dish to rest on when but being brewed. I think this is a good size to brew 16oz of tea. The mesh and sides are also durable and hold up to every day use.