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Coffee Mug cup Warmer for Office Desk Use,Auto Shut off Electric Beverage Warmer 25 Watt Electric with three Temperature Settings adjustable

July 11, 2019 1 Comment

Nicelucky coffee cup warmer is sophistically constructed, and this makes it a great gift for Father’s Day, Holidays, Birthdays, and other special occasions. To get the maximum out of this device, the manufacturer advises that you use it with a nicelucky Flat Bottom Mug. The mug warmer is super easy to use since you only put your cup on it ,and then choose the temperature.you remove your mug,it close the power


Very few manufacturers think of including a warranty or guarantee to their purchases. And one of these manufacturers is the nicelucky. This company ensures that its customers are not just happy with the quality of their products but also confident in buying and using these products. For example, they have backed the above cup warmer with a 1-year buyer assurance.


Spill-proof design: It prevents damage and makes the cup warmer easy to clean.
Fire retardant material: It enables the cup warmer to stay longer than competitors.
Temperature control: Allows you to slow down the cooling speed of a hot beverage.
Clear LED display: It makes the device easy to operate.

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