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The 5 Best Mug Warmers To Keep Your Coffee Hot

July 15, 2019 1 Comment

Our Review

The NiceLucky Coffee Mug Warmer features a temperature control system which is a good feature to have. Basically, the heater senses when you put a mug on it and starts heating up. It starts cooling down as soon as you take the mug off of it, so you never need to worry about a power button or worry that you might have left it on. It reaches a maximum temperature of 55C which is hot enough to maintain the warmth in your cup but not enough to reheat it.


This is one of the more compact mug warmers on this list making it a good choice for office desks. However, the hot plate is also not that large and might not be able to accommodate larger mugs. Check to see if your favorite mug can fit into the hot plate before purchasing this mug warmer.

If you’re looking for the best coffee cup warmer with auto shut off, this is our recommendation.

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